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Able2 Products  
AMX Corp.  

Anchor Audio, Inc.  
  Featured at  In Stock at I-MED
Anchor Communications  

Apollo-Boone AV Products  
Atlas / Soundolier  
  Sound Pressure Calculator  
  Wattage/Impedance Table  
Audiotronics Corp.  
Avcom Systems, Inc.  
Aztec Security Products  

Bogen Photo Corp.  
BMS  Business Machine Security  

Bretford Manufacturing, Inc.  
     Featured at  In Stock at I-MED

Brooks Power Systems, Inc.  
Buhl Industries, Inc.  
Buhl Optical Company

Califone International, Inc.  
   Featured at  In Stock at I-MED

Community Light & Sound, Inc.  
Comprehensive Video Group  

Da-Lite Screen Co., Inc.  
Lens Screen Size Chart  
Draper, Inc.  

  Projection Wizard: Screen size/surface calculator
Dukane Corp.  
Projector distance calculator  

Eastman Kodak Company  

Elmo Manufacturing Corp.  
   Featured at  In Stock at I-MED

Empire Scientific  
Extron Electronics    

Fender Pro A/V Systems  
Focus Enhancements, Inc.  

General Electric  
General Science Service Company
  (Blister Microscope)
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GrandTec  (Flexible Keyboard)

Go Video  

I-MED Publishing / Instructional Materials  
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JVC Consumer Products  
Laminex, Inc.  
Lectrosonics, Inc.  
Lowell Manufacturing  
Luxor Corp.  

3M Company  
Maxell Corp. of America  
Middle Atlantic Products  

Nalpak Video Systems, Inc.  

Panasonic Co.  
Panasonic Office Products Company  
Peerless Industries, Inc.  

Pioneer Electronics (USA), Inc.  
  Featured at  In Stock at I-MED

Power R, Inc.  
Premier Mounts
(see RCA) 
RCA - Thomson Consumer Electronics, Inc.
Samson Technologies Corp.  

Sharp Electronics Corp.  
  Featured at In Stock at I-MED
Lens Calculator  

Shure Brothers, Inc.  
Sirtage, Inc.  
Smith System Manufacturing Company  
Sound-Craft Systems, Inc.  
Sound Projections  
Superscope Technologies, Inc.  


Telex Communications, Inc.  
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Videolabs, Inc. now owned by ClearOne

Wheelit, Inc.  

Xyron, Inc.  

Zenith Electronics Corp.  

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1520 Cotner Ave., Los Angeles, CA  90025

 (310) 312-1743       Tel: (323) 879-0377
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